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Courses and schedules

Become an ESL /L2 Teacher in 15 weeks by obtaining the Zoni TESL/TEFL Certificate

Completing your TEFL/TESL certification in-person or hybrid (New Jersey) is by far the most popular option for those who are time-constrained and are looking to schedule courses around their existing schedule and commitments.

Our TEFL/TESL certification courses come with full teacher trainer support throughout, so you are never alone. Plus, we also include all required learning materials allowing you to enroll and get started by course start dates.

In-class Instruction

In-class instruction consists of 72 hours of teacher-led classroom instruction.

Twenty-four hours of class observation.

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The key difference in our course is our 24-hour student practicum (student teaching). Students will be paired with an experienced Zoni teacher and co-teach an assigned lesson that must be prepared and approved in advance.

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In-classroom and hybrid classroom teaching observations/Teaching Practice and co-teaching schedules depend on the availability of the ESL classes at Zoni Language Centers.

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All our TEFL/TESL courses come with the support and guidance of a teacher trainer (tutor). From start to finish, you will have access to a professional faculty.

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