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Program Objectives

This program is designed for self – motivated teachers wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills in teaching English as a Second Language. It focuses on the multi-faceted nature of teaching the English language to second-language learners.

It is a teacher training program that blends traditional classroom instruction and online learning activities. It provides the best teaching styles of theory and practice in ESL education as well as appropriate methodologies, strategies, approaches, and techniques on how to teach integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation; teaching Beginner to Advanced proficiency levels.

The program entails 120 hours consisting of 9 weeks—72 hours of classroom instruction incorporating research projects, online activities, and homework and six weeks—48 hours of classroom observations and practice teaching.

Zoni covers a comprehensive range of lectures and discussions that including TTESL/TEFL theories, strategies, lesson planning, classroom management, intercultural communication, and extensive experiential learning through the practicum component. This will ensure that our graduates attain an excellent knowledge base in TESL/TEFL and therefore acquire the appropriate skills to embark on a teaching job in ESL education.